Siri interpreted “tofu” (soy bean cake) as “TOEFL” (Test of English as a Foreign Language). Which seems a stretch, really.

Little man is home today, sick. Our lunch together was Top Ramen, while listening to Iron Maiden. That kid’s got style!

Waiting to board at SJC, while listening to The Layover, by Evidence. Let’s hope this isn’t self-fulfilling.

Two construction workers on public transit: “Ah, man. Stephen Hawking died. The whole world just got a lot dumber.” Never underestimate the power of science and knowledge to penetrate the world, and never underestimate construction workers!

Contact high on the 124 this morning; hell of a start to the day. Would’ve expected the smokers to be mellower, with all the THC drifting.

Gent on Link has a bullring, tattoos, and giant Bluetooth headphones; reading the comics page, and doing the Jumble. Well played.

I am now old enough that people only call me “bro” if they’ve known me for decades, or are trying to sell me something.

No, not the lack of shirt or shoes. Nor the extreme farmers tan. What makes it art, mostly naked man, riding the bus? The gold chains.

Whilst not twins, new items must be duplicate, stylistically appropriate for each, and come in both favorite colors. Interesting beasts.

In 5 days (as he is fond of reminding me) our eldest will be 7. Which seems nigh impossible, and yet there it is. Amazing.

Somebody asked if they should bring dessert. To my house. Where dwells a pastry chef. Something knife something gun something something.

Walked out the door. Into a thunderstorm. Pretty sure the doorway was a portal from Seattle to Miami. This will end well.